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Dreaming of Summer Juice Recipe

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Dreaming of Summer Juice Recipe
Dreaming of Summer Juice Recipe

While it’s officially spring, this week brought a massive ice and snow storm to New England. With the Boston Marathon right around the corner, most of us are out running, regardless of winter’s resurgence, whether we’re training for the big event or just trying to get in shape for summer.

I like to infuse a little summer into my chilly spring routine for an electrolyte-packed, nourishing and light start to the day or afternoon pick-me-up. Juices are nature’s sports drink; this one is so refreshing you can even drink it while you train for a healthy dose of necessary carbohydrates. Watermelon and carrots are both powerhouses for potassium, celery lends natural sodium and pineapple is packed with anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and B vitamins for energy. Keep that watermelon rind on when juicing for more yield, more nutrients, like citrulline, and less sugar.


[lists sio_bgcolor=”#a0ce4e” sio_type=”check” sio_txtcolor=”#ffffff” sio_style=”circles”]
1/4 pineapple,
1/4 watermelon with rind,
2 carrots,
2 celery stalks,
2 inches (5 cm) slice of ginger


[lists sio_bgcolor=”#a0ce4e” sio_type=”check” sio_txtcolor=”#ffffff” sio_style=”circles”]
Wash produce well.,
Peel pineapple cutting flesh into thick slices discard rind.,
Add all ingredients through juicer and enjoy.


[lists sio_bgcolor=”#a0ce4e” sio_type=”check” sio_txtcolor=”#ffffff” sio_style=”circles”]
Pineapple: papaya, mango,
Watermelon: cantaloupe, rock melon, honeydew melon,
Carrots: butternut squash, sweet potato,
Celery: cucumber, zucchini,
Ginger: turmeric, lemon, lime

Nutrition per serving:

Yields and nutritional information are estimated and will vary depending on produce size and equipment used.

Original Article : Rebootwithjoe

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